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Windows movie maker download

Windows movie maker download free from our download link below. Dear colleague, the Movie Maker is a program that serves to capture and edit digital media on the computer, in such a way that then you can use this material in your learning sessions or maybe share the movies saved by email, CD, etc. Its handling is not very complicated, then you. I present a guide for the use of the Movie Maker, follow the steps in a sequenced way and everything will turn out very well.

Windows movie maker download

Preparation of material
1. Create a folder on the D drive or on the desktop with your name.
2. Within the same folder create two sub folders, to one of them you will call images and to the other sounds.
3. Next you must place all the material with which you will work in the folders your video, each one in its respective folder, images in images and files of music in sounds.
Be careful: make sure your images are large. The music must be in mp3.

Now we are ready

Working with the Windows Movie Maker
1. Enter the Program by clicking on the menu HOME – All programs – search Windows Movie Maker and click on the blue bar.
2. Then a window will appear showing four well-differentiated zones, as: to. Movie tasks: listed on the left, where you will find the tools to make your video.
b. Collection: here you will import your images and audios.
c. A monitor: it is a small screen on a black background that shows you a view preliminary of the video you are making.
d. Tracks: it is located in the lower part of the screen, it is a graphic section in where all the objects and sounds that will form your movie are added.
3. In the “Movie Tasks” Panel
You will find three menus, which will allow many actions like, import images, transitions of video, edit titles, effects and transitions, etc.
* Video capture
* Edit movie
* Finish movie
4. Now start your work importing the images for your video.
5. Click on the Import images option from the menu 1. Capture video. Appears a window that says Import file, there it looks for the location of the folder that you created previously called images.
6. Then, you can go copying one for one the images or you take them all at once, finally you do click on import.
7. To import the music you Proceed in the same way.
8. Click on the Import option audio or music from the menu 1. Video capture. One appears window that says Import file, there it looks for the location of the folder that you created previously called sounds, choose the music you like and then click to import. You will notice that in the COLLECTIONS section, in addition to all the images that you copied, now an icon with a musical symbol appears, that means it’s your music file.
Eye: do not forget to save your document every 5 minutes.
9. Now you must place the images on the track video, for this click on any of them and drag with the mouse to the video track (remember that should be in shape sequential, according to what that you have planned).
10. Your images they will be placed An A continuation of the other. Then you can move them if it was that necessary.
11. The same will do with the music that you’re going to incorporate for your video, click dragged to the audio / music sector, and you have your file up there of music.
12. You will notice in the Audio / Music sector of the track a band that indicates some characteristics of the music you are placing.
Here you can make the necessary adjustments to give a duration to each image in the Scale of Time, dragging the cursor, to the left we give you less time and to the Right longer time or duration of view of the image. In the Audio / Music sector, drag your audio clip. You have the option of adapting the size of the music to the size of your movie or vice versa, dragging the trimmer clip that looks like a double-headed arrow and red. This you can do at final, when you have made all the changes and effects that you want to give to your movie.
To do this, click on the Edit Menu movie and choose the option you want use. Create titles or credits. In this option you can decide where you want to add the Title.

For example:
a) Add title before the clip selected. This title will be the first view of your movie, when you are going to ready, add title to the movie. Then it will be created a new slide
b) There are also Other options like the ones you see in the window of at side. You can use the one that best fits your objectives.
c) Click on any of the links, and one will appear window similar to d) There you must write the name of your cover if you want it or simply the title of your movie.
e) There are also more options that will help you to improve presentation by clicking on each of them.

* Change the animation of the title
* Change the font and the color of the text.
f) In the option Add credits at the end of the movie, you can place your name and the data of your collaborators.
g) Finally you click on ready, add title to the movie.
In this way you proceed with all the arrangements that you want to make your movie.
Now let’s see how to add TRANSITIONS TO YOU
MOVIE. We continue in the Edit Movie menu, you click on View video transitions it shows a screen like this.
Then you must click on Show script graphic, you immediately visualize in the track your biggest images with a small box to your left. Choose an effect that is of your liked and then with dragged click what you move towards the lower boxes, according to how you want to make your design. In small windows you should visualize the same part icon superior like this:
1. Click on File Menu / Save as Project. This option allows you to modify or edit your movie later. However, if you save it with the Save option As Video, you will not be able to make subsequent modifications to the movie.
2. In the window that appears, go to the folder where you want to save your project, you give your file a name and then click save.
3. Now you can play your video. To do this you can use the arrow to play or also in Play Menu you can watch your video to do some Corrections that you think necessary.
4. To finish you must save your video as a movie file, since that way you can export it better.
* Click on File menu / Save file.
* Select the place where you want to record and you click Next.
* Put a name to your file movie and select a location where to save the movie, by clicking in examining.
* Then click on next.
* If you want it for your personal use, choose the Best quality option for play on my computer, and then click in next
* Eye! If you want to upload it to the moodle or send it by mail, logically the size of your movie should be more small, for this you will choose the option More suitable for size of file and you give a measurement of 2 MB or less, then click on next.
* Wait a few minutes until it charges the recording.
* Then choose the Play option movie at the end, and your movie will automatically appear in Windows Media.
* Done, you’re done. Windows movie maker download free from here

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