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Windows 10 latest update 2018

You can find windows 10 latest update 2018 from here. The previous version of the Windows operating system, known as Windows 8, is probably along with Windows Vista, the one that has remained less time in the market. In spite of which was intended to be a watershed in the history of Windows operating systems, by introducing the Novel Modern UI interface (also known as Metro), the abandonment of the well-known button start (used from Windows 95), was so criticized that they had to reincorporate it partially in an update they called 8.1. However, that did not end up convincing the users and generated the necessary incentive for Microsoft to renew its main product of software.

Windows 10 latest update 2018

1. Start Menu with Modern UI interface. As we mentioned above, one of the main The criticism that Windows 8 received was the absence of the Start menu and the implementation of the Modern UI interface that distinguished itself by presenting the programs as tiles, tiles or “tiles” (as you wish to call them) on screen, to access them fundamentally through of touch screens. Unfortunately, the result was an interface whose management resulted confusing for many users. On the other hand, it must be added that they did not just recover the Start menu of Windows version 7, they gave new features that add functionality and that are very interesting, independently if they are handled with the mouse or directly with the fingers on the screen.
2. View of virtual tasks and desks. Another interesting feature to take into account in this new version of Windows is the appearance, for the first time in this operating system, of the virtual Desktops. If for some reason we need to work with many programs or documents at the same time, we can organize your windows in separate desks each other, so that each desk contains only one or two windows and then we can move between desks easily, adding order to work.
3. Microsoft Edge. Another of the most outstanding novelties of the new version of Windows is the replacement of Internet Explorer by its new Internet browser called Microsoft Edge. In turn, it is not just a substitution of one program for another, but also includes features that are not present in other browsers, such as the ability to do annotations on the pages and create reading lists, among other options, which makes it unique.
4. Multimedia applications: Photos, music and movies. Windows 10 includes three applications new for the management of multimedia files: Photos, Music and Movies. Photos compiles and organize all the images of our computer giving us a simple access to them. At In case of Music and Movies, we will have access to online content through the store Windows.
5Cortland, personal assistant by voice. Microsoft has decided to incorporate its own assistant voice staff to compete with Apple’s Siri and Google Now. In this case, Call Cortana. This assistant can not only ask any question you want, You can also order some actions on the computer or use it as a tool to remember appointments and tasks. In addition, it is the place where we search for files and Internet content, as we will see at the time. It also tells jokes, but let’s say it at once: they are not very good.

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6. One Drive integrated. One Drive is a cloud storage service that already existed before Windows 10, however, in this version have improved the integration with the system operative and with the File Explorer, so that its use is very simple. But nevertheless, requires that we identify ourselves in Windows with a Microsoft account, as we will see more ahead.
Continuum. Continuum is a new Windows 10 feature. We can define it as The ability of the Operating System to adapt to the screens of different devices that we are using. In other words, the Start menu will have an appearance in a desktop computer and another, better adapted, on a mobile phone or tablet. The same happens with applications. So the use of functions will be made easier in each device.
7. Integrated Xbox. Fans of video games can enjoy this feature of Windows 10, they can count on all their records, game tags, recorded levels, etcetera of your Xbox console on your own PC computer. And if the team’s capacity lets, they can continue with their online games, of course.
8. Activity center. The Activity Center is a new area on the main screen Windows that allows us to receive and review system notifications, as well as choose various actions, such as changing the computer to airplane mode or modifying the screen to Tablet.
9. Apps store. The implementation of the Application Store comes from the version 8 of Windows. However, we can say that the integration with the new Windows 10 the It becomes a kind of relaunch. It is advisable to explore the store, there is a good number of free applications that may be interesting.
10. Hello. With this feature and compatible equipment we will not need to use passwords to start a Windows session, because the computer can use facial recognition or fingerprints. On some computers with the necessary devices, they can also implement iris identification. In turn, user data can be encrypted, from so that only the owner thereof, identified by the methods mentioned, may access them.

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