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Best motherboard cleaner – How to clean a motherboard

Free download the best motherboard cleaner for your computer from our download link. The mother board or Mother Board is the fundamental component of the PC, it is where they connect and / or assemble all the parts that provide functionality to the machine. Without it all the components described so far would be only pieces loose electronic without any functionality.

Best motherboard cleaner

For cleaning it is not necessary to disassemble it from the box or tower, which helps us to avoid any type of accident. In the first instance it is recalled that throughout the process of internal cleaning is necessary to be grounded with the antistatic wristband, if not have it recommends downloading or landing again as explained, starting in the section “Internal cleaning”.

It is also not mandatory to disconnect all cables from the motherboard, as we can have later configuration problems of not connecting them in the same position u order. Some of the cables that we can find connected on the motherboard, and that have not been mentioned yet, are the cables or connectors on the front panel (button power on, reset button, activity LED of hard disks or storage units, led power, speaker or speaker), the front USB, the front audio panel (hearing aids, microphone) and Fire wire, inline or IEEE 1394 (in case the board has Fire wire support front or rear).

Depending on the motherboard or mother board, it will have certain components. Their Sizes are different according to the ATX standard two and this depends, in addition to the brand or manufacturer of the plate, also the number of integrated devices or chips, their design and your heat sinks this can be seen in the following image:

We will follow the same steps and care as with the modules of RAM memory and expansion cards, in addition, in the previous steps we have done part of cleaning the motherboard, especially with its slots, both memory and expansion ports.

Power supply cleaner

First we must apply compressed air or pressure on the entire plate, remember that these are air jets, then we must apply them by parts on the plate, for example, first the part of the processor, then the chipset, then the front panel, the slots memory, the expansion ports, the south bridge or “South Bridge”, etc.

Then with the brush or a large brush, and very carefully and minutely, we must try to clean the entire motherboard, removing all types of dust or dirt. Must be keep in mind to avoid hitting with the brush the brush the components of the plate mother as capacitors or transistors, and in the same way avoid forcing the entry of brush bristles to certain places so as not to damage any component.

Later we will apply compressed air or pressure to remove any trace of dust or dirt It is recommended to repeat the process on the back or back of the license plate. Many of the boxes or towers allow access to this simply by removing your right panel, otherwise refrain from this step because as we mentioned previously, it is not recommended removing the motherboard from the box unless you have the enough experience in the subject.

External cleaning

This covers the cleaning of the keyboard, the mouse or mouse and the monitor. It is recommended not disarm or uncover any of the components mentioned above, since many of them are designed to never be disarmed or uncovered, unless for repair issues.

Internal Reconnection

As we can see, until now we have totally disassembled the box or PC tower, now we will start to assemble it again keeping in mind some tips that can improve the performance of our team, as well as can facilitate your next maintenance and cleaning.

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